Australian Bale Press Company


Company History

Australian Bale Press Company Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated manufacturing company based on the NSW Central Coast. The organisation has over 17 years experience in the resource recovery industrymanufacturing machinery designed to reduce waste volumes, improve transport costs and create sorting and storage facilities.

The organisation has progressed from manufacturing simple baling machines to designing and building high volume Resource Recovery Facilities throughout the Asia Pacific. Australian Bale Press has designed and built over 13 Materials Recovery facilities and upgraded many more. The company now provides services the waste industries largest players..

Owning and operating our own 300 tonne per day independent MRF has provided a unique opportunity to be intimately involved in the day to day demands of resource recovery. This experience is a valuable asset when designing and building facilities and equipment for our customers.

ABP People

Our philosophy is 'to fully engage with our customers. We are not just building equipment. We are delivering business outcomes based on broad industry experience and innovative engineering.' - Daniel Waddington Managing Director

Our project team includes in-house specialists in engineering, drafting and design, hydraulics and electronics engineering management and systems support.

The purpose built workshop complex situated at Tuggerah in NSW houses a dedicated team of 40 engineering and service personnel as well as 10 consulting and support staff. This facility provides a one-stop shop for the manufacture, fit-out, electrical integration and pre delivery construction of all sorting and baling equipment.

Company Profile

Australian Bale Press specialises in design and construction of Materials Recovery Facilities and associated sorting systems.

Currently ABP is involved in both developing and implementing new technologies with a view to creating new efficiencies in all areas of Materials Recovery, while keeping such systems affordable both to install and to maintain.